Trigeminal Neuralgia
Ronald Brisman, M.D.

Alternative Medicine Trigeminal Neuralgia

 Alternative Medicine for Trigeminal neuralgia

 What is alternative medicine?

Alternative medicine refers to treatments that are not within the realm of conventional medicine.

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 Has alternative medicine been shown to be safe and effective for treating trigeminal neuralgia?

No. There is no convincing evidence that any alternative medicine treatments are safe and effective for treating trigeminal neuralgia and I (Ronald Brisman, M.D.) do not recommend any.

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 What alternative medicines have been suggested to treat trigeminal neuralgia?

Numerous alternative medical treatments have been proposed for trigeminal neuralgia including: acupuncture, high cervical chiropractic manipulation, Vitamin B (other vitamins or nutritional supplements) and special diets.

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 Are Botox injections safe and effective for treating trigeminal neuralgia?

Botox, a nerve poison, has been used to treat a small number of patients with trigeminal neuralgia. Botox is injected into the face where it damages nerves that supply the muscles of facial expression. These nerves are not the trigeminal nerve. In a published report, 13 patients with trigeminal neuralgia were treated with Botox and followed for 60 days. Pain relief was noted in some after 10 days and was maximal after 20 days. By 60 days, pain was starting to return. Four patients had mild facial weakness from the Botox. It is anticipated that Botox will need to be repeated every few months with increasing risk of facial weakness. I (Ronald Brisman, M.D.) do not recommend it.

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 What is the most effective “alternative medicine” for treating Trigeminal Neuralgia?

Waiting and doing nothing is the most effective “alternative medicine” as trigeminal neuralgia is known to sometimes remit spontaneously (unrelated to any intervention). But while you are waiting for a spontaneous remission, you should take medicines, which will provide temporary relief.

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